Letter from the Director

Ever since I was a little girl, every time I was asked at school what I wanted to do when I was older, I always said that I would love to work for my Father’s shipping agency.

Years later, thanks to my Mother’s love for her profession as a lawyer, I went to University to study law. After a few years working as a lawyer, and out of pure coincidence (and partly as a personal decision) I ended up working in the marketing and commercial department of our family business Hamilton & Company and thanks to my Father, Uncle and an exceptional knowledgeable hardworking office team, I learnt mostly everything about shipping and business life.

After an extensive survey to see its viability and obtaining the qualifications to act as a forwarder, I founded AF Logistica with the intention to serve the client with the highest standards while working closely with the shipping lines ensuring that both the shippers and the receivers obtain the best possible prices and quickest routes for their cargoes. Assisting them with the collection and delivery of their goods at the origin/destination premises, sea/air transport, customs clearances, insurance etc. with our Company’s own sources or through subcontractors.

Thanks to the support of our main agent in Holland (HFB) we are well known internationally and consequently we are able to offer a worldwide service, receiving boxes from all over the globe into the two main ports in the Canary Islands, Tenerife and Las Palmas as well as serving the other smaller Islands.

For all these years we have been constantly growing our business and we now form part of the Atlas Network which is an international organisation of freight forwarders, giving AF Logistica a wider scope to serve our clients, ensuring that we can provide a more comprehensive service and a full round the world coverage.



Managing Director