Do you have something to ship?? then tell us the weight, volume and where it is going by the form of a post code and we will come back to you in no time with a competitive quote.

Our regular European truck service, collects cargo on a weekly basis from the UK, Germany, France and Belgium and brings it to our Rotterdam consolidation warehouse, from where it is then distributed and shipped according to our clients instructions. We also have a more tailor-made service according to our customer’s needs which please let us know and we will comply with your requirements.

The cargo originated in the USA (Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Charleston, Atlanta etc…) is consolidated in our New York warehouse and shipped to Rotterdam where it is then consolidated together with the cargo arriving from the Far East into a container and transported to the Canary Islands. Doing it this way, gives us the chance to give a more competitive rate to our clients.

Thanks to our worldwide extensive network of agents, AF Logistica is continuously updated with the political and economic situation of the area from where your goods will be shipped therefore minimising any wrong effect to your cargo.

Using our agent’s network we can also arrange all customs clearance needs worldwide, facilitating the transit of your cargo through the respective local authorities as well as tracing it throughout all stages of the transport process.

If you would like to find out more about our international customs clearance or any other query, please do not hesitate in contacting us, “we would love to help you”.




Thanks to the volume of cargo that we handle to/from the Canary Islands, we have managed to agree very competitive and preferential rates with all major shipping lines that serve these Islands and consequently transferring it to our customers by giving them the most cost effective and competitive quotes.

Whether it is a shipment from the shippers door in Sweden, Hong Kong or Boston to be shipped to the Canary Islands, give us the post code, the type of container you need and we will work it all out for you by organising the collection of the goods at origin, taking care of the customs procedures and bringing it to the Canaries. Further we have the capability to deconsolidate your container in our warehouse should you need the cargo to be distributed to various final destinations.

If you are not sure as to what type of transport it is required for your cargo, leave us to do the hard work on your behalf and we will find out and recommend to you what is the most adequate transport for your specific needs. If needed we can also coordinate and speak directly with your supplier as to what type of transport/equipment is best for any particular shipment.




AF Logistica has handled a substantial amount of personal effects cargo to/from South America, including cars and motorcycles as well as many other uncommon parcels, so we understand the importance of getting the cargoes to the final destination swiftly.

If you need to send a bulldozer to Dakar or bring a yacht from Miami, we can help you.

To give you an insight of what type of cargoes we have handled lately: we organized the shipments of rowing boats from various origins in Europe into the Island of La Gomera (one of the smaller Island in the Canaries) to participate in the biannual rowing race across de Atlantic into the Caribbean and shipped them back to where they originated in Europe. We handled the shipment of vehicles to Thailand to participate in the Rainforest Challenge etc etc etc.